About us

One Auto Market is the first Site of its kind in the Middle East and specializes in marketing vehicles and parts of all kinds of Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Heavy Machinery, buses and vans whether through sale, purchase, lease or auction.


Recently, other sections have been added to the site. Based on the study of the Automotive Market and its integrated needs, we have added a service department that provides all the required information related to all vehicle services and a sophisticated research and classification mechanism.


One Auto Market is now a leading platform in the latest automotive news and agencies through its online magazine, which is a source of valuable news and information about the automotive world. It has fun and interest in reading, making readers browse the magazine periodically.


One Auto Market is an important center to meet the seller with the buyer under easy way, so that the site serves the users in a high-quality, efficient and reliable manner in various business processes that are at the local or international level. In the sections of the site we seek to provide a global platform for the various trade of vehicles.


We at One Auto Market were keen to bring together all dealers and dealers in their own platform. We categorized them by country, city and nature of business. We provided them with the necessary tools on their own platform to interact socially, practically and with the least effort and time.